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Lori Chad Duo live

Lori Lynner singing

Modern Tribe -live rock, pop, soul, jazz
Modern Tribe

Lori Lynner & Vince Walker in Modern Tribe

Lori Vince Get Lucky

Chad Quist & Lori Lynner singing in Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe playing "Summer of '69"

Chad Quist, Lori Lynner & Dino Soldo

Modern Tribe "Beneath Your Beautiful"

Lori Lynner & Pete Griffin in Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe_0972

80s tribute gig with Cedric LeMoyne, Joey Santiago (Pixies guitarist), Weird Al Yankovic & Nick Vincent. May 2016.

Little Extremes CD cover

Lori Lynner 2009 B&W with guitar

Lori Lynner 2009 B&W side guitar

Lori Lynner 2009 color smile

Mod Ken Xmas 1973

MOD KEN one Christmas, ROCK & ROLL the next!

Grand Funk Xmas 1974