“Nothing To Be Scared Of: A Utah Girl Becomes An Atheist” (video) 2012

“Nothing To Be Scared Of: A Utah Girl Becomes An Atheist”  (print essay) 



How did we get here?
The adults are supposed to
be driving this thing


Stand up straight and walk
Whatever bounces, bounces
Whatever sways, sways




Ode to Ron Glass

I didn’t know you
I liked your smile and your eyes
On the 70s T.V. show
When I was a kid
Finding my sense of humor

I haven’t thought of you
In many years
But now so many later
You are gone

The words you said
Written by someone else
Followed by a laugh track
Brought to life by you

The memory I have
Not replaced by something else
Your color, your voice
From a small, vintage screen
Could be so large

I didn’t know you
But you linger in my heart and mind


more to come…